Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kiwi, the best snack ever!

Forget those nasty vitamin C supplements, grab some Kiwi! I LOVE kiwi and probably could eat my weight in them, so could my kids. I love their sweet yet tart flavor and their soft creamy melon texture with a hint of crunch from the seeds. Some of my friends have made the comment they too love them though, they hate to peal them. Let me give you a tip.
Wash the kiwi (as with all fresh fruits) and slice off the ends,

insert a spoon in one end just under the skin and rotate it around the kiwi just below the skin.

Walla! The skin is off your kiwi!

Easy isn't it? Must admit, I did not come up with that, saw Al do it on the Today show once! At the bottom of this blog is a link to a nutritional website that has some fantastic info on the kiwi. More than 270% of your daily needs of vitamin C in just one cup! As we all know, that which we get from food is more accepted by our bodies and right now all of our immune systems could use a real boost. At the grocery store in our town today the kiwi is 3 for a $1.00. I don't know if this is great pricing or not, but I do know you will never find a candy bar for that price! So boost your immunity and grab some kiwi today!

Katie loves to eat hers sliced. Tanner goes for it whole!

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