Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls Night

Ladies, we all know how important those two words are to us! The night itself can entail many different activities depending on the "girls", but they all have one thing in common..... letting it all hang out. Girls night is a time of enjoyment with out judgement cemented with lots of laughter (and sometimes snorting) that sends you home with sore cheeks and a good feeling deep inside. Even the best of marriages are supported by girls night. It is not so much that we want to get away from the hubbies and kiddos (or maybe for some) but more that we need to feel like a "girl". The best way to do that is to call up some good friends, go to a restaurant you would never eat at with your guy because it is to frilly or with the kids because it is too nice, pick a good "chic" flick, sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was lucky enough to be raised with my best friends, my sisters. I would not give them up for any sum of money out there. We have had a lot of great girls night and last Friday night was no exception. Funny enough I think it marked the first time in a long time (since she was a Freshman in college) that we really got to hang out just the two of us. We left about 7:00, picked up tickets for "When in Rome" and headed to The Cheesecake Factory. There we indulged in the Four Seasons Pizza. Our reason for picking that one? Simple, we love veggies on our pizza and our families do not! It had to be the best pizza I have ever eaten hands down. I highly recommend it. We topped it off with the Stefanie's Red Velvet Cheese Cake, simply perfect! Not too rich, just the right amount of sweet. Don't worry we shared both items, no way any one person could eat all of that! Now comes the best part. After a meal like that one really wants to follow it up with a nice coffee, but our theatre was not far enough away to guzzle one down before we arrived. Our plan? Make use of girls next best friend....huge purse! Yes, we successfully smuggled our coffees into the theatre with out any spilling! That is a thrill no man could ever understand but we laughed about it the entire night. Moments like these make you glad you have great girl friends to share. Not that there is anything wrong with our husbands girls, or our kids, but that every now and then we need to let our hair down and play. The guys do the same thing, don't let them fool ya. They just call it "hunting"! Thanks Hollie for a great evening! So, go call up your friends, compare calendars and schedule your next Girls Night, it won't schedule itself! You'll be glad you did.

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