Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chicken Run

If you are one of my FB friends you remember my story about Gertrude the chicken. For those of you who don't I will bring you up to speed. My oldest thought one of our chickens might like to swim in the horse trough, on a 40 degree day. When we found out what happened we collected the almost frozen chicken and recuperated her in our laundry room. Thankfully she made a full recovery by the next morning and returned to the barn. Apparently, since that evening she has never forgotten the amenities she discovered in the "chicken coop" on the hill. The next day she brought the other five ladies up to the house for a "little tour". We turned the corner of the living room to see six little heads staring into the door! I felt like Old McDonald's version of the Hollywood celebrity tour. I swear they had little fanny packs on, okay maybe not, but can't you just picture it? We had a good laugh at them and when they realized we saw them they turned and ran back down to the barn. Then last night, I went to start the grill to for some burgers. When I opened the back door, there once again were my little feathered girl friends. This time they had made themselves quite comfortable eating bugs and grass seed in the back yard. Have you ever watched a free range chicken? What exactly are they eating? They peck the same one square foot area probably 25 times. Do they really see that many seeds and bugs? My thoughts are they live one big game show where all day long they peck the ground with the hopes of winning a piece of food one out of so many pecks. Imagine being a chicken for a moment. You stand no more than 18-20 inches off the ground, you see something you want to eat, you fling you head to the ground at what seems about 35mph, pick up what ever you saw and eat it. Can you really stay focused on that little morsel at such speeds. Try this, extend your arm in front of you, focus on your hand, bring it in to your face as fast as you can (be careful not to hit yourself!). Could your eyes stay focused? Now you get my theory that they live on one big game show. Who do you think should be the game show host of that? Barry Manilow? Sorry Barry, it's the hair!

Above is a picture of Katie and Gertrude.

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