Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wow! Welcome to my blog. (Yes, that is a welcome to me, to my own blog. Well, no one else is here to do it!) Now, welcome to you too! This is so much fun. I mentioned that encouragement can come from many different places and I feel it is fitting that the encouragement for this blog came from a friend I really have never met. No...I am not crazy and I don't have an imaginary friend! Her name is Sara and she is a co-worker of my husband. We communicate quite regularly now via e-mail and Facebook. She is a faithful follower of my cakes (I call them T-Cakes) of which I will be posting on this blog. So with great encouragement and leadership from Sara I am now blogging! I have a lot to share with you. I hope you gain encouragement to do much for yourself and welcome shared thoughts from you.

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